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JMJ Homes are experts in building high-end and affordable customised homes. Our in-house team of architects and builders can bring your vision to life, whether it's a duplex to maximise your land or a stunning new home on a small lot.


We can build a duplex home that reflects your style and maximises every square metre of your land.
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New Homes

We can custom design a new home from the ground up that suits your budget and needs.
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Architectural plans

Our blueprints and architectural drawings are based on your vision so you can get the finishes that you want.
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Realise the potential of your existing block when you knock down re-build with JMJ Homes.

Why sell and re-buy in the same market when you can build a brand new home you've always dreamt of in the street and community that you love.

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Find out how to save up to $300k on your Dream Home

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We are that confident in our process that if the construction is not completed on time we will refund the entire cost of the architectural designs.*

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Let our projects speak for themselves. With ten years of experience, our track record of successful project completion is based on our professional expertise. Our designs are a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining the standard. 

Dream home

As custom home builders in Sydney, we strike a balance between project needs and client preferences. We guide you from planning to execution. We offer architecture, construction, demolition, SDA design & build services focused on providing a seamless experience for both clients and projects. We also specialise in home renovation and home improvement, delivering work of the highest quality and aesthetic appeal.
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Realise the potential of your existing block

Why sell and re-buy in the same market when you can build a brand new home you've always dreamt of in the street and community that you love. Speak to one of our experts today about a free design consultation and get a quote on a custom home build or duplex.

We offer no compromise service

With the assistance of JMJ Homes, we can assess the building site, develop a more refined plan, and complete the job in a shorter amount of time.

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100% Certified & Insured

Our certification is a testament to our commitment to excellence, adherence to industry best practices and local regulations.

Quality Assured

Our method allows you to get the tried-and-true efficiency and convenience of a home plan customised to your needs.

10 Year Warranty

We back our services with a comprehensive warranty, offering you peace of mind and demonstrating our commitment.


Our exclusive home upgrades can transform your living space. From durability to sustainability, we ensure that it adds lasting value.

Frequently asked questions

The benefit of working with JMJ is that our architects keep in close contact with you and the building crew throughout the whole project to ensure that everything is built according to plan. We collaborate with you closely and keep you informed throughout the entire process and guarantee a smooth high-end residential construction.. Have some questions? Find the answers here!
How can I maximise space in my Duplex?

We can help you maximise space by applying smart storage solutions, open floor plans, and multifunctional furniture. Clever design choices can enhance your living experience and JMJ Homes architects and designers can assist you with that. Our house designs can be adapted to suit a household and site conditions.

Is a Duplex a good investment for first-time homebuyers?

Absolutely! Duplex can be a wise investment for first-time buyers. It offers a chance to live in one unit and rent out the other for additional income. Having that is located in the right area will see its value appreciate over the year. Our duplex builders can transform any home into a functional one. 

How long does it take to build a custom home?

On average, the process can take 12 to 24 months, including planning and construction phases. The timeline for designing and building a custom home varies based on factors like design complexity, permitting, and construction. With JMJ Homes, we can help you save money and spend less time in building.

How do I set a realistic budget for a custom house?

Establishing a realistic budget involves considering construction costs, permits, land acquisition, and potential unexpected expenses. Our team of architects, builders, and finance will work with you to create a comprehensive budget plan that works for you. As reputable custom house builders, we value honesty and transparency.

What permits are required for custom home construction?

During consultation and meetings, our team can help identify the necessary permits and navigate the application process for a smooth construction experience. Here at JMJ Homes, we'll take care of getting the appropriate permits and equipment together. You can be assured that we will take care of every detail.

Do I need a project manager for my custom home build?

While not mandatory, a project manager can streamline the construction process, oversee timelines, and coordinate between architects, builders, and subcontractors. Our team’s expertise can contribute to a smoother and faster construction process. You'll spend less time and less money as we build your home.

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